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Certified Widevine Implementation Partner Program

CWIP Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does my company become a CWIP?
A: All vendors must have at least two employees take the CWIP certification courses and pass the certification test.

It is important to note these are challenging classes with high requirements for certification. The average pass rate for the class is 75%.

If you are interested in becoming a CWIP parter, please Contact Us to get started.

Q: What are my company's responsibilities as a CWIP?
A: As a CWIP you are responsible for all of your installations from "cradle to grave". This includes but is not limited to assuring all legal agreements are executed and current, installation, developing of products (i.e. storefronts), installation, deployment, and customer support. You are expected to maintain a professional attitude when working with both your customers as well as with Google/Widevine. You will also be responsible for managing mandatory upgrades as defined by the Google/Widevine staff to ensure your deployments are recent and providing the best customer experience possible.

Q: What will my company gain from becoming a CWIP?
A: CWIPs will be able to sell services related to the installation, integration, and maintenance of Widevine software. CWIPs will be the point of contact for any support issues customers might have with the Widevine software. They will be responsible for installing upgrades to the product as necessary.

Q: What are the prerequisites for the individuals training to become a CWIP?
A: Individuals training to become certified to use Widevine software for their company must possess the following skills:

  1. Systems and network administration
  2. Linux - working with the command line
  3. Familiarity with video encoding
  4. Scripting (bash, python, XML)
  5. Programming (C, Java)
  6. Ability to understand English (verbal and written)

Q: What should I do if I don't have the skills required to take this class?
A: Please do not sign up for the class.

Q: Where are CWIP classes held?
A: Classes are typically held at Widevine’s headquarters in Kirkland, WA, but may also be held at another Google Office location worldwide. Location is specified in the course schedule.

Q: Can an instructor come to my office instead?
A: No. classes are held in Google Office locations.

Q: How long are the CWIP classes?
A: Course lengths vary from one day to an entire week. Please see our Overview for more information.

Q: What happens if I fail a CWIP course?
A: You have a number of options if you fail a CWIP course. You may sign up for and take a "retake test". You also have the option to simply retake the class in its entirety. Lastly, you and your company may decide to send someone else to retake the class. As of June 2012, these option will not require you to pay additional charges.

Q: But I have customer commitments and schedules to keep. Although I failed we need a quick resolution?
A: Your success or lack thereof, is in your hands. While Widevine would like to see everyone pass we cannot guarantee your success. Any obligations you have made based on the assumption you would pass will need to be put on hold until you become certified. There are no exceptions. Sorry.

Q: Are there levels of certification?
A: No. All CWIPs will be trained on the same material and take the same final exam.

Q: How many individuals from my company can attend the training?
A: There is no set limit; however training courses will need to be reserved in advance and have limited capacity so waiting lists may apply.

Q: Are there fees associated with the CWIP program?
A: Yes. Please Contact Us for more information.

Q: Will there be other CWIPs active in my territory?
A: Very possibly. The program is available to any implementer who wishes to use Widevine software in their operations or the operations of their customers.

Q: I have currently registered for training, but I will be unable to attend it. Can I send my colleague instead?
A: Yes. Please Contact Us to notify us immediately. Please include manager approval for both the original student and the replacement student. Failure to provide advanced notification will result in a forfeit of course registration.

Q: What kind of support can I expect from Google/Widevine?
A: As a CWIP you are responsible for your installations and are expected to be experts in maintaining all of your deployments. As such you are expected to provide all support with the following exceptions: 1) A reduction or loss of service from the Google Cloud License Service. (Widevine will immediately escalate such events.) 2) An issue or defect found in the product itself. (Widevine engineering and development will work with you to understand the issue and make modifications to the product as required.) That said, Widevine still wants to support your efforts and will be available to do so Monday through Friday 8am to 5pm Pacific Time.

Q: How do I get help, and what should I expect from the Widevine team?
A: You can direct questions via the CWIP portal to the Widevine Support team. These questions will come in the form of an e-mail to the Widevine staff. Widevine will review and target a response to your inquiry within 24 business hours. (8am to 5pm Monday through Friday, Pacific time, excluding holidays).

Q: Is there an emergency support procedures?
A: No. As a CWIP you are expected to know the product well and be able to respond to any issue that might arise.

Q: When I become a CWIP, how do I integrate the Widevine client onto new living room devices?
A: You can't. Integration of the Widevine client into OEM devices requires a significant amount of time and effort by both the Widevine development team, the OEM manufacture, and both companies legal teams. A device integration is the "root of trust" for the Widevine product and as such must be handled by Widevine. If there is a device you would like to see the Widevine product on, you must encourage the device manufacturer to contact Widevine and request for integration.