Widevine Quarterly Partner Update - Q3 2018


Welcome to another quarterly update from the Widevine team. Our aim is to improve transparency and facilitate discussions around improving ease of use, integration and deployment of Widevine DRM.

IBC 2018

Widevine is participating at IBC 2018 (Sept 13 - 18) in Amsterdam as part of the Google presence in Hall 14. Please reach out to meet-widevine@google.com to arrange a discussion.

Content Survey

Widevine is conducting a survey for future planning. We would appreciate additional data points to help guide our future planning. This survey closes on Sept 30, 2018.

Widevine CAS

Widevine CAS is now available for the Android TV platform, starting from Android TV Pie. Operating on the same model as Widevine DRM, our CAS solution has no fees across both client and server products.

Please contact us if we can assist with your integration or implementation questions.

Chrome Browser

Chrome 68 introduces support for CMAF. Please see Widevine’s CMAF specification for more information.

Chrome on Android is a Widevine L1 implementation as it leverages the built-in CDM on Android OS.

Widevine CDM for Chrome 58 (or earlier) are no longer supported.

Chrome includes support for Verified Media Path (VMP). VMP provides a method to verify the authenticity of a device platform. For browser deployments, this will provide an additional signal to determine if a browser-based implementation is reliable and secure.

The proxy integration guide has been updated with information about VMP and how to issue licenses. Widevine recommends our browser-based integrations (vendors and browser-based applications) add support for VMP.

CDM Source and OEMCrypto

The upcoming CE CDM 15 (due Q4 2018) will require C++11 support.

Content Encryption

Widevine would like to reinforce our recommendation of using separate content keys to encrypt each video and audio track. In particular, the emphasis is on using separate content keys for each category of SD, HD, 4K (UHD1), 8K (UHD2) and AUDIO streams.

Cloud Service Performance

Please contact us to discuss the Queries Per Second (QPS) requirements for your service. Performance or load testing must be executed on our production systems only. We will need to know the expected traffic (QPS, duration) for any testing.

Cloud Signing Key Rotation

Signing key credentials for access to the Widevine Cloud License Service can now be enabled to expire and new signing keys will be auto-generated. Please contact us if you are interested in enabling this function.

Training Program (CWIP)

The next training sessions in 2018 are scheduled for:

  • Oct 2 - 5 in Brussels, Belgium.